Close Protection Chauffeur

We roll out the red carpet. When your circumstances require a chauffeur service with elite close protection training and specialist driving skills, Luxurious Chauffeur Club makes it effortless and easy. We prepare with pin-point precision; route selection, vehicle choice, close guards and arrival points – we bring peace of mind doping the groundwork and taking time to understand your needs and circumstances.


Seem less Quality

We’ve blended aspects of the traditional English chauffeur with an efficient and modern security service. From the outside, we can effortlessly blend in with the environment or provide a strong obvious presence. Crucially we don’t compromise on style and service. Preparation work includes discussing  your needs and then making good route selections. It’s always good to have a backup plan too, which is why our preparation includes knowing alternative routes, options and emergency proceddures.


Our top line security and protection we’ll cover all A-List, Black-Tie and VIP events. Ranging from your requirements, we provide undisputed security that will give you the peace of mind to focus on the events. Our close protection chauffeurs have the effortless sophistication which you would expect from all our drives. Our range of cars delivers style, power, and safety.