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A VIP Chauffeur Service

The Classic image of the English chauffeur is one that has almost been lost in the modern world - a well groomed driver in a stylish car, meandering through the countryside to the buzz of nature or cruising through the city whilst others look on.

Chauffeur Club harks back to the standard of those glorious days, but adds a contemporary touch. We move in a modern world but haven’t forgotten the traditions of the past.

When you want to project an image of affluence and propriety at your event you need to employ the correct service. Therefore our brilliance lies in the tiniest of details by creating an impeccable standard of service - It’s why most of our clientele are recommendations or invitations only.

Arrive in luxury and make a statement.

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  • UK: 0203-875-0503
  • INT: +44-2038-750-503